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1. Alternative performance measure.
The performance of the Group is assessed using a number of alternative performance measures (APMs). The Group’s results are presented both before and after exceptional and non-underlying items. Adjusted profitability measures are presented excluding exceptional and non-underlying items as we believe this provides both management and investors with useful additional information about the Group’s performance and aids a more effective comparison of the Group’s trading performance between one period and the next. Adjusted profitability measures are reconciled to unadjusted IFRS results on the face of the income statement with details of exceptional and non-underlying items provided in note 4.
In addition, the Group’s results are described using certain other measures that are not defined under IFRS and are therefore considered to be APMs. These measures are used by management to monitor ongoing business performance against both shorter-term budgets and forecasts and the Group’s longer-term strategic plans.

2. Before exceptionals.

3. Before adjustments for customer incentives.

4. Adjusted profit before taxation is calculated by adjusting profit from continuing operations before taxation to exclude exceptional items, the unwinding of the discount on disposal provisions and other financial gains and losses resulting from foreign exchange gains and losses on loans and borrowings. See financial review for reconciliation.

5. Adjusted earnings per share is calculated by adjusting profit attributable to equity shareholders to exclude discontinued operations, exceptional items, other financial gains or losses, the unwinding of the discount on disposal provisions and the related tax effects, as per note 9.

6. EBITDA is reconciled in note 19.